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Window Sills

Our cast stone window sills offer an elegant finish to any building and will provide many years of protection from the elements.

Why choose us?

1. Choose your style

window sill drawing

Stooled sills

We make sills suitable for any size of structural opening. Our standard sills have 100mm stooling, 150mm depth and 140mm high.

Slip sills

Slip sills are used with rendered walls when stooling isn't needed, and also as additional sections for larger window openings.

window header and keystone drawing


A matching head above the window creates an elegant finish. Available in splayed or chamfered styling and with an optional keystone centrepiece.

2. Choose your colour

From left to right: Portland, Light Cotswold, Wheat, Yorkstone, Natural Grey, Kinver Red, Charcoal.
Please note that there is a 10% surcharge for Kinver Red and Charcoal.

Because colours vary from screen to screen, we offer a free sample pack so you can see the quality and colours before you buy.

3. Tell us your requirements

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm.

We recommend you telephone us so we can assist you in choosing the right style, size and colour for your project. Our phone number is 01905 641110, or you can visit us at our Worcester site. 

You may also tell us your requirements by using our online quotation form, or by sending us an email.

Choosing the right window sills for your project.

  • Window sills (also known as ‘cills’) are normally supplied with ends known as ‘stooling’ which sits within the brick work on each side of the window opening. Slip sills are used for rendered walls and also as sections for larger windows.
  • For window bays, box windows and conservatories, we will mitre window corners to your specifications before delivery.
  • We also manufacture mullions and jambs for full feature windows and doorways.
  • Complete your exterior design with our matching coping stones, pier caps and other cast stone products.

Cast Stone for Window Sills

window sills and headers
bay window sill in cast stone
curved door header with keystone

Why use cast stone for windows?

Cast stone, also known as ‘reconstructed’ stone or ‘reconstituted’ stone, is made from granular natural stone mixed with Portland cement and hardening agents. The finished product is as durable as quarried stone with the added benefits of consistent colouring and no striations or flaws, which can erode natural stone over time. Therefore, cast stone provides a perfect seal for window walls and their surrounds for many years, ageing like natural stone.

How our sills protect your window.

Our window sills have a sloped gradient to divert rain away from the window opening. They also have a drip line beneath the sill to protect the underlying wall from water stains and wear.

Our sizes.

We manufacture one piece sills for up to 1000mm window size with 100mm stooling at each end. For larger sills, most customers prefer to be supplied with pre-cut sections so they are easier to manoeuvre into place. We specialise in making sills for custom size windows

Our colours.

The most popular colours for sills are Portland and Light Cotswold. To cater for all types of brickwork, we also manufacture all products in Charcoal, Kinver Red, Terracotta, Wheat and Natural Grey. For renovations, we can colour match existing stonework.