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Window Sills Technical Sheet

We manufacture one piece sills for up to 1000mm window openings, with 100mm stooling at each side of the opening to fit into the surrounding brickwork. All stooled and slip sills can be made in sections to fit any size of window. We also mitre sills for window bays, and offer a range of matching heads and keystones.

Stooled sills

Our sills have 100mm stooling as standard and an external slope to allow rain flow away from the window opening.
stooled window sill front view
stooled window sill top view
window sill top view
stooled window sill profile

Slip sills

Slip sills are suitable for rendered walls when stooling is not required. Available in single piece sections up to 1200 wide.
slip sill front view
slip sill top view
slip sill top view
slip sill side profile


We offer three styles of heads to complement our sills. Keystones are also available for heads over 1200mm.
straight head
head standard tech drawing
chamfered head
head chamfered tech drawing
splayed head
splayed header drawing

Corner Sills

All stooled and slip sills can be mitred to fit any window surround with external and internal corners.
sill with 90 degree corner.
window sill 90 degree corner
sill with 45 degree corner.
window sill 45 degree corner
sill corner profile.
window sill corner profile