When making your selection please note the dark blue "bricks" beneath the pillar cap pictures. These are based upon standard brick sizes, and are provided to assist you in identifying the pillar cap of the most appropriate size.
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We Offer 3 Main Designs of Pillar Caps
pillarcaps 3dThe A range:
This range is suited to Pillars that are around 5ft tall, they offer an elegant style and will not be too overpowering on shorter pillars.
pillarcapsb 3dThe B range:
This range is suited to taller pillars around 6ft through to 8ft. The more angular design provides the Pillar cap with a more dominant appearance. This makes it stand out on taller pillars where the A range of pillar caps would appear too thin and disproportionate.
The C Range
pillarcapsc 3dThis range is mostly suited to older properties that have a more rustic appearance, the C1 and C2 pillar caps are very plain and "agricultural" in appearance, where as the C3, C4 and C5 are suited to tall pillars 8ft and over on large manor houses and large gateways.
Rectangular /  Oblong Units:
We are able to produce most of our pillar cap range to off sized pillar sizes. Such as 450mm x 350mm. Please call us for more details, or email us through our contact us page.
Of Course these are only guidelines and the most important factor is what you feel will suit your property best. We are all ways willing to discuss the details of different designs with you.
We also have many Pillar caps not shown here, so if you can't see what you are looking for, give us a call or send us an email.
We can fit spheres and lamps to any of our pillar caps, please ask for details.
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