Pier Caps Technical Sheet

We manufacture pier caps to any size and specification. With have three main styles, each is available with a pyramid or flat top, and they can be pre-drilled to fit finials such as balls or lighting. Below is a selection of our most popular sizes. Download a printable PDF version.


With its classic Victorian style curved moulding and a 170mm height, this pier cap is suitable for most installations.
A01 with a 220mm base
Pier Cap A01 Drawing
A2 with a 350mm base
Pier Cap A2 Drawing
A3 with a 450mm base
Pier Cap A3 Drawing
A4 with a 450mm base
Pier Cap A4 Flat Drawing
A6 with a 560mm base
Pier Cap A6 Drawing
A7 with a 665mm base
Pier Cap A7 Drawing


Our B range has Edwardian style angular moulding, a taller 190mm peak and a slightly wider 55mm overhang.
B1 with a 220mm base
Pier Cap B1 Drawing
B2 with a 350mm base
Pier Cap B2 Drawing
B3 with a 465mm base
Pier Cap B3 Drawing
B4 with a 585mm base
Pier Cap B4 Drawing
B5 with a 690mm base
Pier Cap B5 Drawing
B6 with a 900mm base
Pier Cap B6 Drawing


Our C range offers contemporary minimalist styling with straight sides. The 40mm overhang includes a drip line which is a groove beneath the cap to collect water and divert it away from the wall surface.
C1 One brick wall (e.g. 220mm)
C2 1.5 brick wall (e.g. 350mm)
C3 two brick wall (e.g. 450mm)
pier-cap for 2 brick width wall