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Other Products

Cast stone is a practical choice for many architectural features, offering a cost-effective alternative to natural stone without compromising on quality and durability. Here are a just few of the popular applications of our cast stone products.

Band Course

Decorative Cast Stone Band for External Buildings

A band course really enhances the look of a building, breaking up the brickwork and adding a touch of colour.  Available in a range of colours to match our window sills and other decorative stone features around your building.

We manufacture bands, strings and rope courses in a range of styles using the same reconstructed cast stone material as in our other products. A custom mould service is also available.


Decorative edging which seals and protects the corners of adjoining walls. Quoins are often chosen to complement matching sills and cornices.


A decorative and protective edging for the tops of buildings. The moulded edging shelters the walls and its sloping top feeds rainwater to the roof guttering.

Corbel in Portland


Moulded decorative or structural supports used beneath door and window overhangs.


Used as the base of building surrounds, they can be reinforced to support the brickwork above, or added as a decorative addition to an existing wall.


Often used as a feature in the apex of a building beneath the gable. Other similar features include gable vents and arrow slots. 

rope course

Rope Course

These moulded strips are used to add an additional finish to pillars and other brickwork with matching caps.