Need help understanding all the terms?
This page will guide you through what each individual part of a pillar cap is, how they go together, why you need them, and also what you need to have to hand before you phone us.
Q: What is a pillar cap?

A: A pillar cap is a piece of decorative stone that sits on top of a pillar. It has two main functions

  • To keep rain and frost from getting down inside the pillar itself, as this causes damage to the brickwork.
  • To look good! A pillar can look unfinished with the standard “bricks on edge” or “blue brick” approach. Where as with a stone cap you are making a feature of your wall and even more so of the pillar’s.
Q: What do I need when I phone up?
A: When you phone you need to have ready:
  • The dimensions of the top of the pillars you require caps for. For instance “ 350mm x 350mm” or “ 1.5 brick by 1.5 brick”
  • An idea of the colour you would like, if you are unsure what colour might be best for you we will be more than willing to discuss it with you.
  • A rough idea of how tall the pillars are.
Q: I want to fit lights to my Pillar. What do I do?
A: If you want a light fitted to your pillar cap it's not a problem, we can fit them to almost any style of pillar cap. All you need to do is provide us with the measurements of the base of the light fitting and we will grind a flat on top of the pillar cap and even drill a hole for the cables!
Q: I have a pillar that is a size not listed on your product page. What do I do?
A: Phone us! We are more than willing to discuss your pillar size and work out what is best for you. We produce “one off” caps if you have an existing pillar cap that you need to match or if you have a really odd sized pillar.
Useful pillar cap terminology and how they fit together:
How it all goes together:
             standard cap     cap pluss ball 
             standard cap rope     standard cap rope spacer
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