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Coping Stones

Choose from a wide range of wall caps and specialist coping stones, or let us make your design for you.

Why choose us?

New Product - Cast Coping for GRP Roofing

coping stone for grp flat roofs - orchard stone

Designed for GRP and flat roofing

Achieve a neat and tidy finish to your roofline with these specially designed coping stones.

This once weathered cast coping has a 20mm drop lip edge on one or both sides to conceal Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing for a seamless look. These stones are also suitable for use with other flat roofing materials, such as EPDM rubber roofs.

Available in a variety of colours and to fit parapet walls up to 800mm deep, our drop lip coping stones are ideal for installations that require roof coping to match stonework in other parts of the building. 

Made from the same reconstructed cast stone as our other products, these coping stones will enhance the look of any parapet wall and perfectly complement our wall coping, pier caps and window sills.

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Hook Over Coping

Ideal for flat roofs, offering reliable protection with a quality cast stone finish.

Conceals and Protects

A neat one piece solution which conceals GRP roofing and protects the wall.


Secure Installation

Suitable for coping clips, providing extra secure fixing to flat and sloping roofs.


Range of Styles

Available in flat, once or twice-weathered, with straight or moulded sides.

Made to Measure

A drop lip edge on one or both sides in widths suitable for most cavity walls.

Close up of Cast Stone Coping by Orchard Stone

Hand Crafted Cast Stone

Every stone is moulded and finished by hand at our Worcester workshop.

1. Choose your style

Once Weathered Coping Drawing


Often chosen for parapet walls such as roof extensions, the sloping gradient allows water to fall away from an external wall surface.

Coping Stone Twice Weathered Drawing


With two slopes, this coping allows rain to run off both sides of a wall and is suitable for most installations.

Flat Coping Stone Drawing

Flat Coping

Flat coping is used for contemporary and simple styling, and as with our other stones, it can have moulded or plain sides.

2. Choose your colour

From left to right: Portland, Light Cotswold, Wheat, Yorkstone, Natural Grey, Kinver Red, Charcoal.
Please note that there is a 10% surcharge for Kinver Red and Charcoal.

3. Tell us your requirements

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 9am to 4.30pm and Friday 9am to 3.30pm.

We recommend you telephone us so we can assist you in choosing the right style, size and colour for your project. Our phone number is 01905 641110, or you can visit us at our Worcester site. 

You may also tell us your requirements by using our online quotation form, or by sending us an email.

Choosing the right coping stones for your project

  • Once weathered coping is often chosen for parapet walls, whereas twice weathered is used for most other installations.
  • Our standard coping stone comes in 600mm lengths. Base widths range  from 100mm to 850mm. We can mitre coping for corner installations and prior to delivery.
  • For a different look, we also mould curved coping, hog-back (curved top) coping, and make any custom width to order.
  • We also manufacture specialist coping for roofs, swimming pools and ponds with bull-nose (rounded) edging.
  • Complete your exterior design with our matching pier caps, window sills and other cast stone products.

About Coping Stones

Portland Coping Stone
Coping Stone with Railings
Roof Coping Stone
Coping Stone in Charcoal

What are coping stones?

Coping stones, also known as ‘capping stones’ or ‘wall caps’, present a stylish and protective finish to any wall or raised stonework. They are often used together with pier caps on boundary walls, but also as decorative edging for planters, roofs, ponds and pools.

How coping stones protect your wall.

Coping stones provide an efficient seal to protect the brickwork or stonework beneath them. They have a small overhang to divert rain water away from the wall, reducing water stains and wear on the wall surface.

Our durable cast stone provides many years of protection for your wall and ages naturally just like quarried stone. Our standard coping stones have a 30mm overhang to shelter the wall surface from rain. See our coping stone technical specifications for more details.

Our styles.

Once-weathered coping (with a single slope) is mainly used for parapet walls which have one external facing wall, such as roof and balcony extensions.

Twice-weathered coping (with two slopes) protects both sides of a wall and is therefore suitable for most installations.

Our coping stones are available with decorative curved or angular moulded sides to match our pier caps, and also with straight edges for contemporary styling. Coping with straight sides has a hidden drip line, a groove underneath which collects water and drips it away from the wall surface, giving the same protection as moulded edging.

We also manufacture specialist coping with smooth edges suitable for ponds and swimming pools, including one-piece cornerstones and curved stones.

Our sizes.

Our coping stones are made in 600mm lengths and available in standard and  custom widths up to 850mm wide.