aboutusBased in Worcester in the Midlands, our skilled team hand-produce a vast amount of specialist reconstructed stone items.
Having the stone handmade allows us to closely monitor the quality, making sure that every item is completed to the highest of standards.
All our moulds are produced in house. This offers us the ability to be flexible on styles and shapes, and also means you won’t find any of our products anywhere else. We keep a close eye on the details of the moulds. They are manufactured by our specialist mould maker with over 25 year experience.
The stone its self is completely maintenance free once fitted, as long as it is handled carefully during installation. The finish and the texture of the stone are very similar to that of quarried and cut stone with a slightly open surface texture. We even supply our stone to local masons, as a cheaper alternative to real stone. It can be engraved and cut, just like real stone with a consistent finish throughout. Once fitted the stone will elegantly mature and weather to blend in with its surroundings. The rate at which the stone weathers is dependent on its environment, if there are many overhanging trees then it will weather quickly, as opposed to slowly if out in the open. The finished product is very hard wearing, especially against exfoliation which quarried stone is susceptible to, although we do not recommend you wet the stone during extremes of temperature.
We deliver our stones nationwide as required, using a third party haulage company to transport our goods direct to site. The stone is all carefully packed onto palletes with protective padding between items to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. When delivering the stone out, the haulage company are advised to call our customers 1 hour before they make a delivery. The vehicles are fitted with a tail lift and will lower the pallets down to roadside level, please ensure you have a hard standing for the driver to do this. Once you have the pallet thoroughly check for any signs of damage, such as tears or rips in the packaging. If you do find a damaged item on the pallet, make sure it is signed for as being damaged, and then get in touch with us so as we can make arrangements for a replacement. We do advise you not to organise builders for fitment until the stone is on site with you. Please note a refund will not be issued if the wrong size is ordered.
Being a natural product, the stone can occasionally suffer from “efflorescence” or lime bloom as it’s also called. This can appear as a white colouration of the stone and surrounding brickwork. It will eventually disperse naturally, but it can also be removed with a good quality brick acid. This will not occur in every instance as it depends upon which seam the sand was taken from when quarried. On occasion the stone can also develop fine hairline fissures, this is a rare occurrence and under normal circumstances it will not affect the structural integrity of the stone.
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